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  • Healing Method Types

    These are just a few ways to get you started, there’s many more than this list. See what you feel drawn to and trust your intuition. Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • Increasing The Chances of Having a Good Magic Mushroom Trip

    Some ideas to help: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂 For exclusive content, become a Patreon:

  • Ways to Deeply Connect to Source, Great Spirit, Spirit Guides & Higher self, & Raise Vibes 

    From my experience: For more ways to connect to source, great spirit, all your guides, aspects of your being, and raise your vibes even more, become a patreon and gain access to exclusive content and more. Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • Deep Connection With All Aspects of Our Being

    From my experience here’s some ways to connect to all aspects of yourself: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • Beyond Scratching The Surface of Our Issues

    In order to fully ‘get at’ all the layers of our issues, to cover all angles, including our shadow aspects, we may need to try all the methods and tools we can. Be open to trying new ways. Seek help from different sources, and hand things over to the divine and the universe. Follow what…

  • Fulfilling Our Potential

    This is what i’ve discovered on my hero’s journey towards a better version of myself. • Hand things over to the divine• Acknowledge truths• Work with our higher self • Work with our guides• Deeply connect with the sacred• Healing all types of issues we might have on all levels• Clear, heal & Integrate our…

  • Shamanic Tips For Dealing With Sleep Paralysis & Nightmares

    These come from my experience. How to prevent sleep paralysis & nightmares: How to get out of sleep paralysis & nightmares while you’re in them: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • Shaman Sickness

    This is info I’ve gotten from my guidance, my experience and from other shamans. Illness is cured only when the stricken one: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • Natural Bug Repellants

    A guide on natural ways to ward off unfriendlies in the home. Since I’ve done this, I’ve not had any moths, woodlice or spiders that I’ve seen, and I used to have plenty of each. I put all these dried ingredients in a little bowl by every window, door and on top of the washing…

  • The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

    I feel I’m on my hero’s journey and having that structure mapped out by Joseph Campbell to contextualise my life experiences and the hell i’ve been through has been very helpful. The Hero’s Journey Structure: The understanding of this hero’s journey map has given my suffering some meaning, and purpose, and helped guide me forward…