Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Increasing The Chances of Having a Good Magic Mushroom Trip

Some ideas to help:

  • Preparing a safe and sacred space
  • Honouring the mushrooms
  • Having the right mind set & setting (safe & sacred environment)
  • Going into it with a positive, lighthearted mind set (Help to achieve this in blog here)
  • Feeling ready & prepared
  • The right dose
  • Having a sitter
  • Being grounded, chocolate can help
  • Your ability to surrender being 100%
  • Having some affirmations & mantras on hand
  • Rose quartz & Azezdulite on your heart & both hands
  • Strong connection with your guides, with the sacred medicines, enlightened ancestors & with all aspects of your being
  • CBD
  • Sound Healing
  • Ask the mushrooms for a gentle trip
  • During the trip – drop all concepts
  • Healing trauma before the trip that might affect the trip
  • Consume with mint to help nausea and eat lightly 3 hours before your trip
  • Always trust the sacred medicine
  • Heal any conditioning or defence mechanisms before the trip that may prevent you from letting go
  • Clearing any interference & making sure you’re fully spiritually protected
  • Visualise all the sacred medicines around you, and all of your guides, and also a safe place
  • Call in all your power animals
  • Accept all your shamanic, spiritual, mystical roles & gifts & cured all your shamanic, spiritual, mystical sicknesses
  • Let go & trust