Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Sacred Medicine Integration

1 Hour Session / £110

*Prices are for remote sessions

These sessions are for after whichever sacred medicine ceremony / therapist guided sacred medicine session you’ve had. It might be psilocybin, ayahuasca, Peyote, DMT etc.

From my experience you will likely need at least two integration sessions with me, and potentially more if you feel it’s needed. In these sessions we will interpret any meaningful symbols, visions and messages you may have received during your ceremony, and channel specific mantras and affirmations just for you to help create a new reality while in the integration state.

We’ll use breath work, shamanic healing and other methods where needed to help cleanse you and help with the processing and integration process. We’ll find out if there is anything you need to know about your experience, and I will give you any guidance that you need around processing and integrating your sacred medicine ceremony.

Sessions are conducted via messaging through Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype or google chat.

*I don’t want money to be a barrier to healing, so if you can’t afford these prices, email me and we will work something out.