Shamanic Healer & Card Reader


“Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

– Carl Jung

I’m Annie, a shamanic healer, energy healer, crystal healer, oracle / angel / shamanic card reader, dream interpreter and dowser.

I trained with Shaman Jim Kunkle, (NY), and have completed shamanic initiation. I use a combination of healing techniques, from traditional shamanic healing, (like extraction of negative energies, soul retrieval, power retrieval, journeying, drumming), energy healing practices like chakra cleansing, crystal healing and hands on healing. I also use alchemy, magick, divination, and many more techniques that I learned from spirit.

This healing can affect all levels; the physical body, emotional body, the mind, soul, spirit, etheric body, astral body, chakras, meridians, your environment, and much more.

You might be surprised how many physical problems can be manifestations of energetic problems, mental problems, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, psychic, or environmental problems. As shamanic healing deals with the spiritual & metaphysical aspects of illness, it’s hard to predict the results that will manifest emotionally, mentally or physically.

I use a crystal pendulum, drumming, rattles, crystals, essential oils, sage / cedar / palo santo smudging, cards, visions, journeying, ritual, ceremony, plant medicines in metaphysical form and many other methods and tools depending on what is required in the moment for each person.

I love spirituality, mysticism, esotericism and white magick. And I suspect that it’s possible to attain insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, through direct communication with something of love and light that’s larger than ourselves, or through intuition.

I was always a skeptic, but after awakening to my shamanic path, experiencing all the meaning, magick and healing that I have, and connecting to seeming other realms and guides, I’m now agnostic. Who knows what’s really going on with reality? I’ve been shown over and over that things are possible that we wouldn’t dream could be possible. I can’t deny my direct experience, and neither can my clients.

I not only entertain the possibilities of the strange world of magick and guidance from things like psychedelics, angels, guides, entities, dreams, oracle & tarot card readings, divination, dowsing, channelling, shamanism, mysticism, rituals, prayers and so on, but this is my life, this is my work. I have answered the call to adventure.

“It’s the shaman who’s supposed to be dealing with the realities that are outside of day to day reality. So they’re like masters of sacred space. That’s one way of thinking about it.”

– Jordan B Peterson. From a lecture about shamanic initiation.