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  • Paul Selig Prayer of Protection

    The light of God surrounds usThe love of God enfolds usThe power of God protects usAnd the spirit of God watches over usWherever we are; God is

  • Unstable Planes of Existence 

    This information comes from my guidance. This is why we need full protection going into these realms, and to cleanse ourselves when we come back from these journeys. There are other places we might not want to go or be taken to, so we need to make sure we are connected to our guides, our…

  • Healing & Integrating The Shadow

    “Psychologist Carl Jung had a deep interest in the shadow – its form and content – and in the process of assimilating it. He saw quite clearly that failure to recognise, acknowledge and deal with our shadow elements is often the root of problems between individuals and within groups and organisations. Becoming familiar with the…

  • 15 Helps With Motivation

    When talking about increasing motivation, what works for one might not work for another. Find what works for you. Things I’ve found to help increase motivation: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • The battle between Good & Evil

    In the Taoist “Yin Yang” symbol (representing the balance between chaos and order), there is a little chaos in order and a little order in chaos. Or you could say a little light in darkness, and a little darkness in light. There’s so many things this applies to in reality and life. One I want…

  • Things to help with fear, anxiety, panic.

    This is my personal list, a place to start for a fellow sufferer. Mostly short term help when in desperate need. Also this is for when you are not actually in any physical danger, just mental and emotional torment for seemingly no reason. That’s all I can think of for now. Good luck to you…

  • 17 Reasons for a “Bad” Magic Mushroom Trip

    What I’ve discovered so far: Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • 7 Stages of Wisdom

    …According to my guidance at this moment in time. Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂

  • 30 Types of Depression

    These are different types of depression that I’ve found in my own research. I’ve found it helpful to identify the source of my depression or the type of depression i’ve had, as that can help to find a path towards healing. Support the Blog, buy me a tea 🙂