Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Shaman Sickness

This is info I’ve gotten from my guidance, my experience and from other shamans.

Illness is cured only when the stricken one:

  1. Surrenders to the will of spirit
  2. Fully accepts the call to become a shaman and accepts every step on the path to becoming one
  3. Experiences abysss/ordeals to complete their breakdown
  4. Cures the personal madness or illness
  5. Raises their frequency and vibration to where it needs to be
  6. Completes initiations
  7. Learns the ways of the shaman
  8. Completes assignments that are on their sacred contract
  9. Completes spiritual work for the collective consciousness
  10. Dissolves and amends any contracts that need to be cleared or changed
  11. Journeys to all aspects of their being (mind, soul, higher self, future self, consciousness / eternal self, eternal power, heart, gut, chakras, inner child, inner parent, inner adult, inner archetypes etc)
  12. Develops a deep relationship with their own eternal power, eternal self, higher self, heart, and all aspects of their being
  13. Develops a strong close relationship with their guides
  14. Develops a strong close relationship with the spirits of the sacred medicines
  15. Journeys to The Upper, Middle & Lower Worlds
  16. Journeys to issues
  17. Performs Power & Soul Retrievals
  18. Performs space clearing, cleansing, shifting & protection
  19. Uses a shamanic drum & rattle
  20. Learns the soul lessons they need to learn
  21. Performs Ceremonies