Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Shamanic Tips For Dealing With Sleep Paralysis & Nightmares

These come from my experience.

How to prevent sleep paralysis & nightmares:

  1. Himalayan Rock salt by the bed
  2. Interpret the nightmare if needed
  3. Clear the source
  4. Clear all contributing factors (One way could be – burn lots of frankincense)
  5. Use a protection incantation & honour
  6. Shamanic Healing

How to get out of sleep paralysis & nightmares while you’re in them:

  1. Call in all of your guides
  2. Say “you have no power over me”
  3. Recite Psalm 23
  4. Say “May love guide you to the light”
  5. Try to scare the evil by getting angry and screaming not from fear but knowing it has no power over you