Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Deep Connection With All Aspects of Our Being

From my experience here’s some ways to connect to all aspects of yourself:

  • Becoming aware of all your different aspects (Body, emotional heart, left brain, right brain, instinct, intuition, higher self, inner child, soul / spirit, power etc)
  • Calling in those aspects & connecting with intention as many times as needed / wanted
  • Journeying to these aspects
  • Journeying to feelings
  • Putting your hands on your heart or stomach to connect to emotions, instinct and intuition
  • Shamanic healing & energy healing to clear any blockages / obstacles to connecting, open connections, or soul retrievals / power retrievals etc
  • Use visualisation
  • Asking parts of yourself questions & asking for messages
  • Using crystals to help connect
  • Raising your frequency & vibration
  • Chakra work
  • Prayer & working with nature & your guides to help you with deep connection
  • Doing ceremonies
  • Essential oils
  • Smudge sticks / incense
  • Muscle testing to communicate with the body etc