15 Reasons for a “Bad” Magic Mushroom Trip

This is according to the crystal, at this moment in time. (Nothing is set in stone, new things can be discovered)

“Beware of unearned wisdom.” – Carl Jung talking about psychedelics 

“Without having the appropriate respect, understanding and maturity to see that psychedelics can be viewed as both sacraments and tools that hold tremendous healing potentialities to better one’s life (don’t get me wrong, they can also be used for recreational purposes too), it can be difficult to have the wisdom to surrender into the discomfort of an unpleasant experience, and to still see the benefit in a challenging ordeal.” – Chris Kelly

  1. A challenging lesson
  2. Mixing magic mushrooms with certain other drugs like alcohol 
  3. Unresolved personal issues.
  4. A stronger dose than a person was expecting.
  5. Not surrendering to the psychedelic experience (fighting and struggling against it)
  6. Not respecting the psychedelic. 
  7. Not being in the right state of mind (bad mood, not in the mood, internal conflict etc)
  8. Not being in the right environment (Feels or is unsafe, uncomfortable, unfamiliar)
  9. Not being with the right people (Safety, trust)
  10. Not knowing what you’re doing or not being with someone else who knows what they’re doing
  11. Not being protected from negative energies (self, others, environment)
  12. Not being cleansed of negative energies (self, others, environment)
  13. Not being protected from negative entities
  14. Not being protected from negative dimensions
  15. Not being grounded 

    A blog post about how to have a good Magic Mushrooms trip will follow. And a blog posts about DMT trips.

    This article has some great information about this: https://medium.com/@chriskelly_50242/how-not-to-have-a-magic-mushroom-experience-bad-trips-amateur-mycology-560ca68d35c

The 7 Stages of Wisdom

…According to the crystal at this moment in time.

  1. Seeking knowledge.

  2. Trying to figure everything out.

  3. From seeking knowledge to seeking wisdom.

  4. Understanding & realising your own ignorance. (The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know).

  5. Realising there’s no final answers in certain types of thought. And realising thinking is not the only way to know things.

  6. From seeking wisdom to not seeking at all. Realising it is unwise to be absolutely sure of anything. “Only the madman is absolutely sure.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  7. Just being & inner knowing.

    The crystal tells me I’m at stage 5, so I don’t understand or experience the stages, past stage 4.