Things to help with fear, anxiety, panic.

This is my personal list, a place to start for a fellow sufferer. Mostly short term help when in desperate need. Also this is for when you are not actually in any physical danger, just mental and emotional torment for seemingly no reason.

  1. Different Teas (Camomile, sleep easy, white tea, sage tea etc)
  2. Incense (Tibetan, lavender etc)
  3. Benzodiazepines ( prescribed by doctor, be very careful, risk of addiction, 1 every 3 days is what I was told is okay.
  4. Music
  5. Calming sounds (Nature, ASMR, frequencies, religious, spiritual)
  6. Sound healing – using humming. Breathe in and then hum one tone out – three times
  7. Talking to a friend, mentor or someone else
  8. Welcoming, allowing , inviting in the feelings and not trying to escape them
  9. Sleep
  10. Rocking
  11. Singing
  12. Breathing deep / breathe in deep, hold and count for 6 seconds, then breathe out
  13. Wim Hoff breathing technique
  14. Meditation / Mantra meditation, just make one up and repeat and focus on it, maybe a nice long one that’s relaxing to say
  15. Yoga
  16. Try telling the feeling to stop
  17. Pray for help to cope with feeling
  18. Pray for feeling to be eased
  19. Pray for courage to face the feeling
  20. Bath
  21. Essential oils diffuser (lavender etc)
  22. Hugs from pets or people
  23. Affirmations
  24. Finding and releasing tension in the body
  25. Don’t believe your thoughts
  26. Ask for the presence of Luci The black dragon to protect you from negativity
  27. Ask the entity called Dragon to help you cope with fear, be courageous in the face of fear
  28. Say ‘Jesus’ or ‘love’ anything bad apparently can’t be here when Jesus’s name or love is invoked
  29. Tap into energies of crystals, stones, chemicals, drugs that have a calming effect. No need to take anything. Just ask to tap into whatever you want, see what happens.

That’s all I can think of for now. Good luck to you all. Hope this is helpful. Comment any ideas you might have.

The 7 Stages of Wisdom

…According to the crystal at this moment in time.

  1. Seeking knowledge.

  2. Trying to figure everything out.

  3. From seeking knowledge to seeking wisdom.

  4. Understanding & realising your own ignorance. (The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know).

  5. Realising there’s no final answers in certain types of thought. And realising thinking is not the only way to know things.

  6. From seeking wisdom to not seeking at all. Realising it is unwise to be absolutely sure of anything. “Only the madman is absolutely sure.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  7. Just being & inner knowing.

    The crystal tells me I’m at stage 5, so I don’t understand or experience the stages, past stage 4.

What Mind Fuel Is Becoming

Mind Fuel was my place to express my feelings, thoughts and intuitions about people, life, society and the world. And I enjoyed doing that, it helped me to think, grow and improve on my intuitions.

But I have been on a very unusual journey this last year, and it appeared I started to channel one day, via dowsing with a crystal. Since then I have worked with the crystal in healing myself and other people, getting clients, creating card decks and giving card readings, and discovering reams of information about people, life, society and the world, that seemed to come from outside of me. And most importantly that seemed to have real world positive effects on people. For example, healing depression.

It’s super interesting to me, and I want to transform this blog to post information that I learn from the crystal, starting with all the different types of depression that the crystal has told me about, and how to heal them.

The new content from the crystal will be on things like; mental, emotional & spiritual health, spirituality, shamanic healing, esotericism, psychedelics, dreams, psychology, mysticism, wisdom, meaning, self-awareness, self-development, self-actualisation etc.

It’s all pretty weird, I was a skeptic, cynic and atheist. But after the journey i’ve been on with everything i’ve directly experienced and cannot deny, I’m still skeptical and agnostic, but I also am open to the magick of the strange world of guidance from things like psychedelics, dreams, oracle & tarot card readings, divination, dowsing, chanelling, and praying. I’ve seen it work. It’s helped me hugely and others.

Mind Fuel is becoming ‘According To The Crystal’.

Which is a blog for my role as The Crystal Whisperer.