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15 Helps With Motivation

When talking about increasing motivation, what works for one might not work for another. Find what works for you.

Things I’ve found to help increase motivation:

  1. Treat the underlying root cause of the lack of motivation, which for example could be mental health conditions
  2. Clear the blockages to motivation so that it can flow
  3. Designing your environment to help with motivation
  4. Certain supplements
  5. Certain essential oils
  6. Various healing methods
  7. Certain ceremonies
  8. Certain crystals
  9. Quotes that motivate you where you can see them
  10. Using visualisations, affirmations, mantras, images & symbols
  11. Going to bed at the best time for you, waking up at the best time for you, getting enough high quality sleep
  12. Strong connections with people that you care about and spending quality time with them, helping to motivate each other
  13. Certain books that you find motivate you personally
  14. Rosemary, lemon, Marjoram – either eating, essential oils diffuser or roll on
  15. Play & being present