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17 Reasons for a “Bad” Magic Mushroom Trip

What I’ve discovered so far:
  1. A challenging lesson
  2. Mixing magic mushrooms with certain other drugs like alcohol 
  3. Unresolved personal issues / karmic issues etc
  4. A stronger dose than a person was expecting
  5. Not surrendering to the psychedelic experience (fighting and struggling against it)
  6. Not respecting the psychedelic
  7. Not honouring the psychedelic
  8. Not being in the right state of mind (bad mood, not in the mood, internal conflict etc)
  9. Not being in the right environment (Feels or is unsafe, uncomfortable, unfamiliar)
  10. Not being with the right people (Safety, trust)
  11. Not knowing what you’re doing or not being with someone else who knows what they’re doing
  12. Not being protected from negative energies (self, others, environment), negative entities, negative dimensions etc
  13. Not being cleansed of negative energies (self, others, environment)
  14. Not being fully prepared
  15. Nocebo – believing you will have a bad trip
  16. Fear – not able to let go & surrender
  17. Not being grounded