Shamanic Healer & Card Reader

Negative Energy Removal, Cord Cutting & Protection

£66 / 1 hour session

These sessions will remove, cleanse, purify, cut, dissolve and transmute negative energies, intrusions, cords, hooks, chains, attachments, vows, agreements, contracts and many other energy forms not serving you, on many levels. Such as the ancestral level, past lives, aura, body, environment, chakras and there are hundreds more levels that I work on.

These sessions include protection against negative energies, low frequencies, low vibrations, negative influences, cords, hooks and loads more. As well as guidance on how to protect yourself against certain negative energies etc in the future, should you need it. This includes any positive attachments that you might be missing.

How many levels we can clear & protect in 1hr depends on how much negative energy you have, but the highest priority work will be done first.

*Before working together, I will need to confirm with my guidance that we’re an energetic match. Send me an email inquiry, I will confirm this then we can book a date & time for the session, and I will send you a Paypal link so that you can pay for the session at the time of booking.

*I don’t want money to be a barrier to healing, so if you can’t afford these prices, email me and we will work something out.

Any information you receive from me is not a substitute for any medical treatments. My services are for informational purposes only. Use your intuition, wisdom, discernment, and common sense about the information you receive. All sessions are treated in confidence.